Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tips for Professional Carmel Apples

-Refrigerate apples 
-keep your bricks of (Peters Carmel) caramel on a low crockpot (the smaller the better) so it doesn't keep cooling and thickening. 
-Use a hand covered in latex gloves to cover the apples with carmel if needed (and/or chocolate)
-Let you carmel cool on the apple completely (maybe even stick it in the fridge before you redip in chocolate.
-Let chocolate start to set then roll in toppings before it cools
-Bakers Cash & Carry has great apple sticks. 
-Glerup Revere sells awesome clear apple boxes that make great presentation. 
-After dipped, Apples at room temp only keep for about 3 days because the acid of the apple reacts to the sugar in the caramel, but if they are refridgerated after, they will stay up to 2 months.
- Then just take them out when you're ready to eat them. 
-Slice & eat, yum! yum! Apples are my fave to eat, least fave to make, tons o hard work.

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